Monday, 29 August 2011

A very special pair of bracelets

Last week I made a set of bracelets one for me and one for my most special girl, my Niece Kirsten. The charm is a heart we have one half each Kirsten's says Niece and mine says Aunt. Our bracelets are identicle colours and beads and the fact she loves it so much is super special to me just like her, she is walking around with a piece of my heart and I have a piece of her's. I wont be making anymore of these as these are our special ones just between us but I wanted to share them on here so one day when she is older hopefully she will look back over my blog posts and remember this time and these bracelets, so when your looking back Kirsten you got this bracelet on your second week of big Primary one and I am so very very proud of you :-) xxx

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