Sunday, 25 September 2011

A little bit of something

I always struggle for blog titles, the predictable necklace etc titles bore me and could be used over and over again, and we all want a little bit of something dont we, a little bit of what you fancy does you good or so the saying goes. Especially us ladies if like me a little something new can revamp a whole outfit or give you a little extra spring in your step, a new piece of jewellery perhaps? A little bit of something fancy? So with that in mind here's a little bit of somethings new.........

A little princess bracelet for the little princess in your life

A LBB little black braclet, black beads some with flower detail with a silver flower feature bead

A purple feature bead with light and dark purple lustre beads and silver spacer bead bracelet with magnetic clasp fastening

Purple and silver spacer beads with clear flower detail glass beaded bracelet with butterfly charm - butterflies are this seasons must have, so why not have a one of a kind butterfly charm bracelet, I will use charms on different bracelets but not with the same design, something no-one else has- what every girl wants isn't it??

Rose flower detail beads with pearl spacers and cameo charm, this is the first design I have given a name too but this one is called the Cis after my amazing Granny while I was making this bracelet her face kept popping into my head, often when i'm desinging jewellery I so wish I could make something for her, she loved flowers and was so classic in her style but liked a little bit of something fancy, something special, so this one is especially for you Granny..... classic and extra special xxx

A coral and pearl beaded bracelet with star fish charm

Black and silver beaded bracelet with large silver feature bead

Purlpe and silver pearly bead bracelet with heart charm

Stunning turquiose and gold beads with pearls and turquiose and gold charm

A star fish glass pendant with glass bead string necklace

Stunning flower glass pendant with glass beaded string necklace

Silver leaf pendant with beaded and chain long necklace

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Be dazzled- sparkly, glitzy new designs

Here are a few new designs I've been working on

This one Kirsten helped design and strung all the beads by herself - I think it's pretty great. Heart glass pendant with matching coloured glass beads, with chain and lobster clasp fastening

Two identical turquoise, baby blue, and pinky purple rose beaded best friend bracelets

Blue, silver and black glass pendant and matching coloured glass beads, with silver chain

Black pearl and bead clip earrings

Burnt orange, green, champagne and silver glass pendant with matching coloured glass beads with toggle clasp fastening

Pink, silver and clear glass pendant with matching coloured glass beads with silver chain and lobster clasp fastening

Glass heart bead with pink flower clip earrings

Pearly necklace with silver rose connector (custom made order with magnetic clasp fastening)

Pink and pearl necklace with clear and pink flower detail (custom made order with magnetic clasp fastening)

Blue/turquoise glass beads with heart drop charm bracelet