Monday, 29 August 2011

A very special pair of bracelets

Last week I made a set of bracelets one for me and one for my most special girl, my Niece Kirsten. The charm is a heart we have one half each Kirsten's says Niece and mine says Aunt. Our bracelets are identicle colours and beads and the fact she loves it so much is super special to me just like her, she is walking around with a piece of my heart and I have a piece of her's. I wont be making anymore of these as these are our special ones just between us but I wanted to share them on here so one day when she is older hopefully she will look back over my blog posts and remember this time and these bracelets, so when your looking back Kirsten you got this bracelet on your second week of big Primary one and I am so very very proud of you :-) xxx

New style

I love the full beaded necklaces but have made a few new designs too let me know what you think?

A simple silver chain with added charms

A chain necklace with bead, button and butterfly detail

Some new beaded necklaces

A few new designs

This circle pendant has a rose design on it but it hasn't photographed that well so you cant see the pretty pendant design very clearly

Sunday, 21 August 2011

some new bits & pieces

I have been waiting for deliveries of new beads, and bit by bit its all arriving and getting very exctiting so here are a few new bits and pieces I've been making, let me know what you think

this picture is of a clip on pair of earrings as I've been told its very hard to get nice clip on's hopefully not anymore :)

These last two pictures are of some super cute pendants that arrived on Friday, just waiting now for the arrival of some more necklace clasps and I can get creating

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I made these the other night but hadn't photographed them until this afternoon


I also tried my hand at some wire, clipping and bending to make earrings today, first chance to use my new jewellery making pliers


I have been busy crafting and have made a few necklaces

This last necklace I made for my Mum as she loved the star pendant, the colours are some of her favourites and she loves her new necklace, she is the proud first owner of a RoseBud Designs creation - glad you like it Mum xx

new goodies

I have been looking for something to display my jewellery on and look at these super cute jewellery tree's my Dad made me

Just perfect, thanks Dad xx

I also got a great idea from Sarah the other night for a bracelet stand so watch this space for that too, hoping to make that tommorrow :-)

Me and my Mum went on a wee trip to St Andrews today and I picked up some new goodies

Saturday, 6 August 2011

First few bits & pieces

After sketching ideas, planning colours, themes etc I have began making a few items to get me started, let me know what you think??

A simple turquoise & blue bracelet

A little light lemon colour & cream bracelet

A clear & frosted glass beaded bracelet

A navy/black pearl effect ring

A material cirlce and pearl heart button ring, this is design working progress, playing around with some ideas and my new hot glue gun (ouch!!) sorry not very good picture but my camera battery died as soon as I took this pic.

Stocking up!!!

Stock has been arriving, look at all the jewellery making yuminess that has been delivered this week;

Now that my room/workspace has been re-organised, declutterd and painted let the jewellery making commense.